July 14, 2008

Getting Old

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I saw my grandmother at the weekend, and although she’s fiercely independent she’s starting to accept that she’s not as sprightly as she used to be. She’s had a walking stick for some years and now has decided to get handrails installed on the few steps outside her front door. It really is about time because she lives alone and obviously if she fell over she could get quite badly hurt.

Anyway, it’s a big decision for her but I’m glad she’s made her mind up. I don’t see her very often because I live quite far away now and I’m so busy most of the time – that sounds terrible I know but it’s true. Taking a whole day out to see family often gets relegated behind work and housework 😦


June 20, 2008

Almost The Weekend!

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I’m so looking forward to the weekend. Mr Kittens and I are taking our bikes over to the coast for some bracing cycling! It may be a little tough but it will be worth it, plus it’s a change of scenery so will be a like a mini-holiday. I can’t wait to get away from it all, turn off my phone and just have the whole day to ourselves 🙂

June 16, 2008

Needing A Holiday

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We had a nice weekend, visiting my parents for Father’s Day. We went out for lunch and then for a walk, like people do on a Sunday!

When we got back home it was hedge-cutting time and cleaning-time, I did a huge pile of ironing (and there’s still some left!). We’ve decided that we need a holiday, despite not being able to afford one. We’ll try and wait until the Autumn when we’ve saved a bit of money and when we can go abroad without getting to sunburned! Calabria in southern Italty looks nice at that time of year and there seems enough to do, but also enough countryside for us to really get away from it all. We don’t really want another city break as getting away from the fast-paced life is what we need at the moment! I need to look into bike hire though as I don’t think we could take the bikes on the plane – it would be a big hassle anyway, if decent ones are available to hire once we’re over there.

Anyway, I’m building castles in the sky here – like I said, we can’t really afford to go!

June 11, 2008

Selling Jewellery

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I’d love to make jewellery and sell it on Etsy. I did a little browsing and worked out that it would cost about £40 to get all the materials I’d like. I enjoy knitting and I already make bracelets so I’d like to take it up as a more serious pastime. At the moment I don’t have £40 free though! Maybe next month if I have some spare cash 🙂 Who knows, if I managed to sell something I might even make a little money – god knows I could do with it at the moment!

June 9, 2008

Hot Sunday

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Mr. Kittens and I went cycling yesterday – it was very hot and we were out and about for hours. Luckily we took drinks and snacks so could refuel on the way, but I got back extremely worn-out and had to hose the muddy bikes down!

Next door were having a barbecue (they have several a week) which meant billowing black smoke blowing over the fence. They’re rather inconsiderate neighbours really but we’ve had far worse.

We had a big clean in the evening; floors, worktops, everything. We rarely get the time to clean so it was nice when it was all finished 🙂

June 6, 2008

Hairdos, Cleaning and Pubs

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I got my hair done last night after work – I’m pleased with the result but I may have to invest in a set of straighteners to keep it looking this good (I’ve resisted my entire life because I associated them with silly girls who took too much time over their appearance!). While I went to the salon Mr. Kittens got on with cleaning the house (how modern!) – it was sparkling when I got back so he’s done a good job!

He’d also made dinner which was lovely…it’s little things like going out to pamper myself and then coming home to a clean house and food that you really appreciate! Afterwards we went to the pub for a very cheesy quiz. We didn’t win but there was a raffle too and we won a bottle of wine! All the money goes to charity at the end of the year so it’s a good cause.

June 5, 2008

Party Time!

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A friend of mine is holding a jewellery party next week! I’ve only been to one before so it should be a really fun night. About ten of us are going although there’s a couple I don’t know. She’s putting on wine and munchies…I don’t know who she’s got the jewellery from but there’ll be fashion pieces as well as diamante jewellery. Nothing “real” but she said she might do another party later if this one goes well and if people are interested in spending more.

I keep going on about how poor I am, but we’ll see if there’s anything I like!

June 4, 2008

New Jewellery

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Well I’ve ordered some new jewellery from Etsy. I love that store so much! It’s coming all the way for America so will be a little while but it’s very much worth the wait 🙂

I know with all this talk of expensive food etc I shouldn’t be spending the money but if the government take so much why shouldn’t I get myself into debt? (I’m not…but I refuse to be prudent all the time when I work hard for my money!)

June 3, 2008

Food Is Too Expensive

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We had a very busy weekend so had to go to the supermarket last night (Morrison’s). We made a real effort to shop cheaply – buying big bags of frozen veg instead of lots of fresh stuff like normal (I think frozen veg is meant to be just as good for you and it keeps for longer!). We also got washed potatoes which are cheaper than big baking potatoes, cheaper bread than usual, own-brand everything….and the shop was still over £70 just for two of us 😦

Looking at the shopping list, the most expensive things were meat and dairy. Rice wasn’t cheap – we only got a small pack but I saw a large bag for over £5! £5 rice!!

I think fruit and veg has gone up in price too – an iceberg lettuce is £1, a pepper is 60-70p and over £1 for a pack of two…it just seems so extortionate. I swear a carton of own-brand orange juice has almost doubled in price from just a year ago.

It’s so very depressing when you spend most of your wage on neccessities!

June 2, 2008

Sunday Lunch

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I’m afraid I’ve been quite lax in making sunday lunch in recent weeks – maybe because of the hotter weather, or just being too tired to do it, but yesterday we went out to lunch with Mr. Kittens’ family and had a wonderful roast.

We found a pub in a little village near Harrogate. It was raining outside but nice and warm inside. The pub was very big but had a lovely atmosphere. The service was prompt and friendly, and they didn’t annoy us during the meal with the inevitable “is everything alright?”. We’ll definitely go back there – they have a good dinner menu too and if that’s as good as the sunday lunch it’s well worth it. I also liked the wine list…!!

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